Individual Tax Returns

A core specialty of Mercer Island Accountants is the preparation of federal IRS tax returns for individuals. 

With the ever-changing IRS tax laws and new procedures, let us work to maximize your return! The IRS now requires our CPAs to e-file (electronically file) all tax returns (exceptions apply). If you received an Identity Protection Pin (IP PIN) from the IRS, please provide this number before we file your tax return. 

 Optimize your tax status by having our experts evaluate whether you are maximizing deductions, using tax credits, and considering your retirement and wealth management options. - Mimi Pangallo

Expecting a refund? Let us e-file your tax return so you get your refund fast. The IRS issues refunds in 2-3 weeks when filing electronically (designate a bank account for direct deposit); 6-8 weeks when filing a paper return.  Visit to check the status of your return.

Estate and trust tax preparation services are also provided with descretion and integrity. 



Thank You for choosing Mercer Island Accountants!

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