Business Tax Returns

Whether your company is a corporation, s-corp, limited liability company (LLC), partnership or sole proprietor, an expertly prepared business tax return must be filed to minimize tax owed and maximize your fiscal future. 

As a small business tax professional, we navigate the ever-changing federal, state and local tax laws to create sound financial strategies that anticipate effective tax planning. We specialize in business tax return preparation which includes: 1099/106 and W-2/W-3 forms, shareholder K-1 statements, non-profit tax returns, etc. New and returning business owners consider us a trusted partner. Our CPAs understand tax considerations when buying or selling your business!

The form of business you operate determines what taxes you must pay and when and how you pay. Business taxes to consider:

Maximize your tax savings with annual and mid-year business strategies. 

IRS AUDITS: Mercer Island Accountants is accredited to conduct audits of businesses. We review your case, document claims and present findings for IRS audits. 




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